A downloadable game for Windows

Short puzzle adventure game to challenge your mental machinery.


WASD movement

Click to interact with and inspect objects

Type in the secret codes to progress!


Locked Garden.zip 37 MB


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I liked the game as well. Not being a native English speaker, I had a problem with one of the word puzzles (star-hook), but after I got this with some help, I could finish the game.

One technical problem I encountered (playing full screen on Windows): I had to Alt-Tab out of the game because of some email I received. When I was back, the on screen reticle seemed to be a bit out of sync with what the real hit test area was, so I could not hit the second light switch. Using ESC and then Resume corrected this. I'm not sure if this is something you can do anything about or if it is a Unity problem.

Happy to hear that you liked it!

Thanks for letting me know about that problem. I have had some difficulties with grabbing / releasing the mouse cursor. Will be releasing an update if I get that figured out.

Really nice game. I haven't gotten very far though. Stuck at the grid puzzle the note at the fountain hints about. Not sure where to get the numbers from since the grid is 8x8 while the number grid on the ground is 7x7. Any chance for a hint I'd really like to explore further!


Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game. To avoid putting spoilers in the comments, I've written a hint over here.

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Cool, thanks for the hint I figured it out :) I enjoyed the puzzles, do you plan to extend it? I hope so!


Great, well done!

I don't plan to extend this game, it's done. But I am planning to put together another, somewhat longer game over the next few months.